This section of the website deals with subjects and ideas that are very strange, even for me, but are nevertheless fascinating and logically possible. Some of them are connected to the Ancient Mysteries section of this website. The articles in both sections involve ideas, evidence and theories that are certainly not part of the established view. Many people would say that many of the ideas in both these sections aren’t part of the mainstream view because they’re crank concoctions or conspiracy theories, created by paranoid Incel idiots etc etc. In response to that, I would say that any idea should be assessed on the available evidence and its science. The act of labelling an idea is non-scientific, as it strips that idea of its supporting information and sticks it in a box marked with preconceived assumptions. Also, to attack the author of an idea, their history or personal idiosyncrasies, is also non-scientific and is known as an ad-hominem attack (literally, ‘to the man’). If we are a respectable society, which our media are very keen to proclaim, then we need to assess all new ideas on their scientific and factual accuracy, rather than sling mud.

Unfortunately, I think there is a reason nowadays why there is so much mud-slinging and so little reliable information from the people or institutions we used to rely on for our facts. It is because we live in a society with a high level of wealth inequality and a large amount of classified activity. These two elements have naturally lead to the creation of a powerful elite who discover what’s true for themselves and keep that truth from everyone else. In addition, they make every effort to feed us lies. Four-hundred years ago, Sir Francis Bacon, the famous spy, philosopher and scientist of Elizabethan England, made a simple but profound statement:

Knowledge is power.

If knowledge is power, then those in power will try to find out everything that is true, as this increases their power. At the same time, they will do their utmost to persuade the masses to believe in something that is actually false, as this will maximises the power-elite’s knowledge advantage over everyone else. To cement this plan, the power-elite will make sure that the education systems, universities and the science establishment follow this false pretence, which is relatively easy in a top-down, hierarchical system that is centrally funded.

Fortunately, there are always ordinary people who work to discover what is true. These brave people don’t accept the orthodoxy and seek the facts. Unfortunately, in a classified-power-elite world, these pioneers and clear-thinkers, being a problem to those in power, are in trouble. The power-elite will work hard to either bribe these pioneers into silence, ridicule them, or if all else fails, kill them in a way that does not draw attention. This strategy is certainly dark and clandestine but it is logically sound and fits with human behaviour, as many of us are craven, weak, greedy and easily prone to self-delusion. For evidence of this, please read my article twelve famous psychology experiments. Machiavelli is an unpopular and derided writer and he was cynical about human behaviour, but he did get a few things right.

I’m confident that some of the stuff in this section isn’t true, but I’m not sure exactly how much of it isn’t true. Whatever it is, it makes for fascinating reading.