Icon Earth RedAs a supporter of CND, the Campaign of Nuclear Disarmament, I thought I should post this very good video. It describes the disaster at Britain’s first nuclear plant at Windscale, in the early 1950s. This is known as the Windscale Fire. The video explains that the British Government were desperate to create their own nuclear bomb, and then their own hydrogen bomb, in order to keep pace with the United States. If they could detonate their own weapons, they believed, they’d still be seen as a major nation in the world. Sadly, this fervent desire to keep pace created a major nuclear accident. Here is the video:

The only criticism I have with the video is its final line, that the safety features included in plants built after the Windscale Disaster made, ‘nuclear power the safest form of electrical generation in the world today.’ That’s rubbish. Solar panels, wind turbines and tidal barriers are safe. Water-Cooled uranium reactors are always a massive ticking bomb, simply because they cannot handle a loss of power to the water-pumps. This is what caused the Fukushima disaster. They default to disaster. These plants are only still being made because the military want plutonium for bombs. The irony of nuclear weapons for defence is clear in this video. Britain’s desire to have their own nuclear weapons, to protect their country, nearly caused them to kill large numbers of their population and render areas of Britain uninhabitable.