I’ve been a supporter of CND for many years now. I recently gave them a poster to help their recent campaign. It’s not a big thing but every little bit helps. The following Pindex youtube video does a much better job of highlighting the dangers of nuclear war. Stephen Fry’s warm narration is weirdly at odds with the catastrophic dangers of the new generation of tactical nuclear warheads, but it works. The video combines the latest news on the nuclear-war issue, especially the development of tactical-nukes and hypersonic missiles, while also reporting on the historical problems. The times when the world was literally minutes away from nuclear war, due to errors, faults and accidents, is particularly chilling.

Many people still think that nuclear war is something that would only happen between the United States and Russia. Unfortunately, a greater probable threat now is a nuclear war between smaller states, such as Pakistan and India. Imran Khan recently warned of the escalation of problems in the Kashmir region. That contested area is increasing tensions between the two countries, with the threat of possible catastrophic consequence of a nuclear exchange looming over the region. This danger was anticipated a long time ago. The excellent climate-change book Climate Wars, which I have reviewed, predicted such a conflict, based on military analysis of global threats in the twenty-first century. The book does an excellent job of explaining the increasing likelihood of such events, as tensions became exacerbated by climate changes problems. For the Indian sub-continent, increasing problems such as the lack of glacier-melt drying up the Indus, starvation in the Punjab due to the draining of aquifers and the failure of the monsoon, all due to climate-change are proceeding along the worst-case scenarios.


icon earthSome readers may think that the powers-that-be in our world would never allow a nuclear exchange, because they knew that they would also perish in such a conflict. Unfortunately, this may not be true any more because the powers-that-be are already preparing for climate meltdown, which is progressing in line with worst-case scenario predictions, as demonstrated by this latest news on ice-loss. America, Russia and many other countries have constructed huge underground bases. Some of these are de-classified but there are rumours of many others, of greater scale. I cover this possibility in my article, Alternative 3: Fact and Fiction. Tragically, the increasing problem of climate-change may, paradoxically, increase the recklessness of these powerful individuals, not lessen it. They may conclude that the surface of earth will eventually be uninhabitable and so why try to protect it by holding back from nuclear conflict? In addition, they may think, ‘why care about large numbers of civilians dying in a nuclear exchange when they’re all going to die from climate-meltdown anyway?’ This dark logic is amoral and callous, but many of our world-leaders are amoral and callous. As a result, countries may become far more confrontational and dangerous as they fight for the remaining resources. The need to reduce the nuclear-conflict danger is therefore greater with climate change, rather than less. We will be the ones that suffer, so we need to raise the issue as soon as we possibly can.