My last blog post, Totalitarian Creep, warned that here in the UK, (in January 2021), our government and our Labour Party leadership are heading down a dark path that will eventually end in totalitarian control. Whenever I write articles that warn of dire things, or point out that dark things are going on, I feel concerned that I’m being too negative. In truth, this feeling doesn’t last very long. I usually discover another new event, fact or insight, that only increases my concerns.

Writers in the past have also talk of these dangers. What they said invariably sounds more relevant than the day they wrote them. Perhaps the two most famous examples are George Orwell and Aldous Huxley. The following Blank on Blank animated video, available on YouTube, uses an excellent interview with Aldous Huxley to bring to life his thoughts on social control. Of the many good points that Huxley makes, the most telling, for me, is his idea that the most perfidious trick of the puppet-masters is to make the ruled actually like their slavery. Here’s the video: