icon earthThis section of this website will be focussing on how our societies function. Unfortunately, a lot of these articles will be focussing on how we’re being controlled. This seems to be an inevitable side-effect of civilisation. Hierarchical organisations, centralised storage of food, a written approach to storing and passing-on information, a full-time military, the banning of hallucinogen, shamanic drugs, the banning of mental-psi development, all these elements create a very unbalanced and toxic society. In this society, the 99% are impaired and ignorant and the 1% are knowledgeable, wealthy and largely omnipotent and omniscient. We could create a much more balanced, healthy and progressive society but this would require enormous, structural changes. I think that will only occur after climate change has collapsed society. This future is traumatic but in the long-term, it could rescue humankind.