Think Anomalous is a very good YouTube channel that produces regular videos on interesting subjects. In the past, it has focussed on aliens, UFOS and their connections to historical encounters with fairies and other supernatural creatures. More recently, the channel has covered related topics, for example recently with its Goblekli Tepe video. Its latest video explores the world of DMT or Di-Methyl Tryptamine.

Di-Methyl Tryptamine is an organic molecule. It is present in the whole of nature, and it is naturally produced by the pineal gland in our brains. DMT creates fascinating effects in our brains and is known as a potent hallucinogen. People who take DMT have strange and profound experiences. It is the key ingredient in the South American shamanic brew known as ayahuasca, but DMT doesn’t seem to be a way for our minds to concoct a reality. Instead, it seems that DMT enables our minds to tune into a different reality to our waking or sleeping states.

Here’s the video:

Unfortunately, the video does focus, I think unduly, on some negative experiences that subjects have reported. These experiences are a minority, according to the scientific literature and anecdotal evidence. The cover image demonstrates this bias. Apart from that problem, the video is very balanced and informative.


For anyone who is interested in the whole subject of DMT, I would definitely recommend the book DMT: The Spirit Molecule by Dr Richard Strassman. Dr Strassman was able to obtain medically pure DMT and run a scientific study of its effects on a group of subjects. Strassman chose subjects who were experienced in hallucinogens, and so were mentally prepared for the experience.

The book begins with an in-depth description of DMT and its manufacture by the pineal gland in our brains. DMT’s widespread presence in nature is also discussed. Strassman then describes the scientific studies.

Strassman discovered, to his surprise, during the studies, that the vast majority of his subjects did not think that they were making up the realities that they were experiencing. Instead, their minds were travelling to different realities that were actually real. In some cases, a subject would travel to a different reality and meet strange beings. In a later session, that same subject would travel to that same reality, and the beings would greet that subject again, happy that they were making a second visit.

The book makes it clear that Strassman believed that the DMT studies were illuminating glimpses into alternative realities, and not just an account of a series of crazy mental concoctions. On the negative side, he also realised that his subjects’ use of DMT was opening them up to spiritual problems, in the sense that negative spirits were being drawn to his subjects. This problem is known to Buddhists. Buddhist teaching states that hallucinogens might seem useful but they’re uncontrolled and can lead to spiritual problems. Meditation, and other forms of mental training, are a far better idea for anyone wanting to mentally travel. It may be a slower process but it enables the person to slowly develop good skills in mind-travelling. As a result, they can control where they go and who they see.

I have written a long article about DMT, and an interesting theory I have to how it works. The article is the Tryptamine Key.