Mark Twain once said, ‘Habit is habit, and not to be flung out of the window by any man, but coaxed down-stairs one step at a time.’ It’s a wise point. We, as human beings, aren’t too good at suddenly switching our approach to reality. This challenge includes us changing our habits but it also includes us changing our view of what reality is. From our earliest years, we have been educated in how reality works. Teachers, parents, lecturers, scientists in the media and other peer-group people have explained how we should view reality. Unfortunately, according to my research over the last decade, a lot of this is wrong.

For starters, we are told, by our scientific establishment, that only physical things exist. This is known as Physicalism or Scientific Materialism. In other words, everything is mechanical, ghosts and spirits don’t exist and our minds are created by our brains. It runs out that this is scientifically impossible. As I’ve explained in my non-fiction book Solving Reality, or According to Science, Everything is Impossible, if reality does only consist of physical things then there’d be no order in the universe. If reality was just mechanical objects, then our entire reality would inevitably become nothing but a chaotic soup of subatomic particles. This is true because of entropy. Entropy acts on all physical matter, reducing its order all the time. Entropy has acted on all matter since the beginning of time. It decreases order, like sandcastles crumbling on a beach. Since it is part of physical reality, and has been part of reality since the beginning of time, there is no way there should be any order in the universe.In fact, there is order in the universe. What’s more, our reality contains Life, which is incredibly complicated. In addition, Life is adding complexity to reality all the time, by reproducing and growing. Life is continually making reality more ordered.

The only way to explain how Life works entirely against entropy is to conclude that something non-physical must be present in reality, something that exerts an organising influence on reality. Without this non-physical, organising influence, nothing more complicated than an atom could form. Many Nobel-Prize Winning physicists spotted this truth. I’ve drawn them in the accompanying illustration. Luminaries such as James Clerk Maxwell and Nikola Tesla also believed this to be true. This organising influence we can call minds. It has been given other names, such as Prana, by the ancient Hindus, but they both describe the same phenomenon. Here are two useful quotes that sum up this matter nicely. The first two, I’ve already quoted in my Dr LaViolette Secrets of Anti-gravity book review:

In July 6, 1930, the New York Times wrote about Nikola Tesla:

“Long ago he recognized that all perceptible matter comes from a primary substance, of a tenuity beyond conception and filling all space — the Akasa or luminiferous ether — which is acted upon by the life-giving Prana or creative force, calling into existence, in never ending cycles, all things and phenomena. The primary substance, thrown into infinitesimal whirls of prodigious velocity become gross matter; the force subsiding, the motion ceases and matter disappears, reverting to the primary substance.”

In other words, a Prana or creative force is present, creating order and life. This can also be called Minds at work. The Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle thought about this matter too. He ended up using a slightly different term; the ‘Active Intellect’, which he described in his book De Anima III. What Aristotle exact meant by the term ‘Active Intellect’ is hotly contested by scholars but here is one translation of that key passage:

“In nature one type of substance is the material for each creature form but it is something else that is the causal and productive thing by which those creatures are formed. This type of intellect is separate, as well as being without attributes and unmixed, since it is by its nature a being-at-work… as a governing source above the material it works on.”

The idea, that minds are the creators of reality, goes even further back. Here is a quote from the Yoga Vashista:

‘The world is nothing but a mere vibration of consciousness in space. It seems to exist even as a goblin seems to exist in the eyes of the ignorant. All this is but Maya: for here there is no contradiction between the infinite consciousness and the apparent existence of the universe. It is like the marvellous dream of a person who is awake.’

This quote adds a little extra component to the idea. Is reality a real thing that we, as minds, influence, or is reality a mirage that we all collaborate together in making? This question occupied those same brilliant physicists already mentioned. They’d discovered, through quantum physics, that reality was only real when minds became involved. Was reality a real thing, acted upon by minds, or was it a consensual hallucination? The eminent physicist Werner Heisenberg made this comment:

“The physicist Wolfgang Pauli once spoke of two limiting conceptions. At one extreme is the idea of an objective world, pursuing its regular course in space and time, independently of any kind of observing subject. This has been the guiding image of modern science. At the other extreme is the idea of a subject, mystically experiencing the unity of the world and no longer confronted by an object or by any objective world. This has been the guiding image of Asian mysticism. Our thinking moves somewhere in the middle, between these two limiting conceptions; we should maintain the tension resulting from these two opposites.”

It’s a fascinating question, but it may be academic. What if reality was an illusion, but we believed in it so intently that it would feel as real anything that could be real? In this way, it would be the illusion of someone who has been utterly and completely hypnotised to believe that that illusion is true. If something in that hallucination attacked them, they would feel all the emotions and they would feel the pain and hurt of being attacked, so what would be missing between that and ‘real’ real? Such a scenario is very reminiscent of the film The Matrix, the 1999 Hollywood movie. In that film, the hero is in a reality that he later discovers to be a construction, made by machines, but it is so real to everyone that if they die in it, they physically die in real reality. Only the hero develops the mental state where he can overcome that illusion.

Astute readers might be wondering why I’m talking about all this in an article about UFOs. The reason I am going into this long explanation, before even mentioning space-visitors, is because of what Mark Twain said at the beginning of this article. In order to understand the UFO phenomenon, we need to get away from the Official View of Reality, the one that’s been shoved down our throats from infancy. That isn’t an easy thing to do for many of us. That’s why I needed to talk a lot about reality, before I talk about UFOs. Now that I have talked about the nature of reality, we can then take some tentative steps into a different, but more accurate world.

Several interesting consequences jump out, once we accept Tesla’s, and those other brilliant minds’, views on reality. Firstly, our physical universe isn’t everything. The universe we see around us must be part of a larger totality. We are non-physical minds, inhabiting physical bodies and acting on physical reality. We’re all part of a collective, consensual, mental creation. This creation, which we’re all perceiving when we’re awake, feels very real; it can hurt us. Nevertheless, it’s a mental creation. In that sense, physical reality is a lot like a snow-globe, fashioned by a craftsman. We’re all staring into this snow-globe reality with our eyes, if they’re working. We’re hearing what’s inside of it and tasting its more appealing contents. As a result, we’re totally preoccupied with it. We can’t easily perceive any other universes, any part of the larger reality, because our physical sense are designed to only perceive this physical reality. Fortunately, since our minds are non-physical, we can potentially perceive other universes, in our mind’s eye. We can, theoretically, perceive other realities using our mental awareness. This ability shouldn’t come as a surprise, since we all do it every night when we dream.

The ability to perceive other realities, or things beyond our physical senses, isn’t easy for nearly all of us. It’s an ability that requires practice, focus and prolonged effort, but it is an ability all of us have to some degree. Many people in the past, and nowadays, are able to do this very well. Remote viewers, shamans, psychics, advanced meditators and others, all have a much more developed ability to see, with their mind’s eye, events and places. In a sense, they are at the sharp-end of human development. They’re already a weird bunch for us, and they’re humans, like us, so how weird will alien UFOs be? Logically, very weird indeed.


The world of UFOs is a swamp of competing theories, disinformation, fakes, propaganda, courage, ridicule, truth and extreme strangeness. After reading many books on it, and watching many documentaries and youtube videos, I would say that the UFO phenomenon consists of three categories.

Category 1: There are UFOs that are advanced aircraft built by the major powers of Earth. These craft may behave in ways that seem to be impossible but that is untrue. As I discussed earlier in this article, and in my Dr LaViolette Secrets of Anti-gravity book review, I think it’s scientifically clear that our universe contains an active ether. Nineteenth-century physicists believed this to be true, until Michelson and Morley declared that there didn’t seem to be an ether in their 1897 experiment. Unfortunately, I think they made a key mistake in their experiment. This mistake led physicists to believe that there was no ether, an idea which led to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Unfortunately, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is wrong, because there is an active ether. Anti-gravity is therefore perfectly possible. Military scientists worked this out long ago, enabling them to build flying saucers.

Category 2: Actual, physical, alien craft: Ether physics shows that anti-gravity is possible. It also shows that it’s possible to travel to other stars in days, rather than in millennia. This logically leads to a second category of UFO phenomenon; actual alien craft or as the military insiders say, Alien Visitation Craft or AVCs. There are beings from other world that are visiting our planet. Enrico’s Fermi’s question; ‘where are all the aliens?’ was a valid one. What he didn’t take into account were several things. One, our planet is controlled by militaristic humans who will kill to preserve the secrecy of anything important. Alien visitors are important, therefore, ipso-facto, they would be kept secret. Two, most people would run screaming from a UFO, or shoot at it. Therefore, understandably, a lot of aliens wouldn’t say ‘hi’. Thirdly, aliens have said ‘hi’ to lots of people but those contactees have decided not to talk about it, for fearing of being labelled a nut. Fourthly, aliens have been in contact but only mentally, as that is their normal form of communication. As a result, there’s nothing tangible to report about the encounter. If we look at the matter again, with all these points in mind, we can see that there could be lots of encounters going on, all the time, and there’d still be officially nothing to report. In truth, some accounts do leak out. Timothy Good has written many books, reporting on a huge number of encounters. It’s clear, from his reports, that aliens are around, but they keep a very low profile. They only visit special, sensitive individuals and generally avoid crowds. If I was a visitor in a land of violence and ignorance, I’d probably do the same.

Category 3: Visits by beings from a larger reality: This third category is where things get weird. This is the world of UFOs who have appeared from a different dimension, reality or point in time, and in the form of illusions, balls-of-light, shifting forms etc. It is these phenomena that can cause many people the most disquiet because they are a blatant demonstration of the limitations of how we’re supposed to think. We are told that the physical universe is everything. We’re told that it’s impossible for our mind to leave our bodies. We’re told it’s impossible for our minds to time-travel. All this is hokum. Because most of us believe this hokum, when a visit from the larger reality occurs, it appears impossible and crazy. A very good example of such a visit occurred in the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident in the UK. That event took place on the edge of a U.S. Air force base in Suffolk, England in the Christmas week in 1980. On those midwinter nights, something either crash-landed, or crashed and then landed, in pine woods by the base. It caused a major alert involving the U.S. Air Force, the Suffolk police, local villagers and others. The book you can’t tell the people, by Georgina Bruni, covers the whole story in well-researched detail.

One of the witnesses to the craft landing was John Burroughs. He was a junior rank in the Air Force at the time. After the event, he worked hard for many years to talk about it and raise awareness of it in the public eye. This is what he said in one interview, quoted in the book:

“It really confuses me. If you look at it, what is the status of the world? You know, you can go along your life and basically you believe in God; you believe in your country; you believe in your government; you believe everything is under control. In the back of your mind you hear about UFOs, you think, well, there is a possibility but is it really possible? But then you actually see something like that and then have it handled the way the government handled it… You wonder what’s going on in the world, and you’re really interested in knowing but the American people, do the American people want to know? Does the world want to know? I began to wonder sometimes because nothing is done about it. I am not saying that nothing has been attempted… but the overall thing of the American people seems to be, ‘yeah, that’s interesting’, but outer space and this stuff is going on.”

It could be said that the authorities in the West are trying to lead their populations down the stairs, one step at a time, with regard to UFOs. Then again, it could be said that they’re fighting tooth and nail to ridicule and play down the whole UFO phenomenon. One logical reason they’re doing this is in order to preserve the fossil-fuel, religious status-quo. To be  honest, I think either interpretation is possible. When Bruni chatted to Margaret Thatcher about the incident, at a diplomatic gathering, Thatcher allegedly replied:

‘UFOs? You must get your facts straight and you can’t tell the people.’

Thatcher, for all her faults, could sometimes be an honest and candid woman.

The Rendlesham Forest incident did open some people’s eyes to a larger reality. According to Bruni’s book, Colonel Halt, a key figure in the whole incident, supposedly said to the radio presenter Lee Speigel that:

‘He did not think the public were totally ready to hear all the facts about the case. He said that what he and others had experienced out in Rendlesham Forest was so extraordinary that if the public were made fully aware of the circumstances, it would completely change the way people look at reality and the nature of the universe.’

Other witnesses in Bruni’s book also touch on how the incident opened their eyes to the nature of reality. Several of the people interviewed intimated that after the event they developed a new and very different understanding of reality. They realised that reality is, essentially, a construction, a form of energy-hologram. Anyone wishing to master travel in time and space simply needs to master how to control such a phenomenon. One intelligent comment on what the Rendlesham Forest Incident showed us, about reality, occurs late in Bruni’s book. The author writes on page 360, (with some additional clarification by me):

‘Guy Lyon wrote an interesting feature for Mysteries of Mind, Space and Time, The Unexplained, Volume 18, entitled ‘Worlds within Worlds’, which attracted my attention. He refers to Reverend Edwin Abbot’s publication, “Flatland, a Romance of Many Dimensions”, which tells the story of boring life in Flatland [A two-dimensions reality whose geometric inhabitants have no experience or understanding of three dimension]. One day, an inhabitant of Flatland, a square, has a paranormal experience when it receives a visit from a sphere that exists in three-dimensional space. The sphere passes through the Flatland two-dimension space in front of the square. Because of Flatland being only two-dimensional, the square sees the sphere as a point appearing in the square’s reality that magically grows into a circle, then shrinks again to nothing. The square, being used to seeing stable shapes, thinks the sphere’s appearance and disappearance is impossible, magical, but in fact it was simply the effect of a stable, three-dimensional object passing through a two-dimensional plane.’

Bruni goes on to say:

‘This sounds very much like the description in Colonel Halt’s audio recording of the event when he describes the object. “It’s sorta a hollow centre, right, a dark centre, it’s like an eye winking at you. We got two strange objects, half-moon shape, the half moons have now turned into full circles as though there’s an eclipse or something there for a minute or two.’

At least some of the witnesses to the Rendlesham Forest incident seem to realised that our official view of reality is very limited and fundamentally wrong. A much wider world, and a stranger and more exciting universe, awaits us. All we need to do is to remove the blinkers of Scientific Materialism; the belief that only physical things exist and our physical universe is the only universe.

Tales of Unity and Oneness

Grant Cameron is a well-known UFO investigator and author of several books, the most recent being Charlie Red Star. This book reports on his experiences, and many others, in Manitoba, when a UFO visited their town many times. Cameron realised, years ago, that the key to understanding the UFO phenomenon was not to focus on metal vehicles, instrument panels and engines but instead to focus on our mental horizons, our understanding of reality. He came to this conclusion after chatting to a senior ‘black project’ engineer in the U.S.. This well-connected guy explained to Cameron, off the record, that the military’s breakthrough in understanding the workings of crashed alien craft only occurred when they explored the nature of mind-matter interactions first. According to this insider, the truth isn’t so much out there, as the X-files programme likes to say, but instead, it is in our heads. The engineers, working in highly-classified U.S. military projects, first realised this when they examined downed alien craft. They discovered that there are no joystick or buttons to press in such craft. Instead, the pilot places their hands on the flight panel and mentally instructs the ship to move. The ship isn’t inanimate. Instead, it has its own consciousness. This idea links strongly with the idea that all physical reality has a conscious aspect. The only differences is that some things, such as us, express it vividly with our behaviour. I discuss this idea in my book Solving Reality. Other objects, such as crystals, are also conscious but they only express their consciousness at a low level, at the level any crystal could express consciousness. According to several UFO reports, crystals are used in such craft.

Grant Cameron didn’t realise the importance of the mind in understanding UFOs straight away. He needed to be ‘led down the stairs, one step at a time.’ His path to understanding our mind’s role in UFO phenomena was a wayward one, but also one that showed that he was always searching for a greater understanding of what we were, as spiritual minds. His journey started when he began investigating Near Death Experience (NDE) phenomena. He then moved into UFO investigations, simply because UFO encounters were occurring in his neighbourhood near the border with the United States. His encounters later became the material for Charlie Red Star. So many people saw the UFOs, that visited his town, that it makes a mockery of the idea that there’s nothing going on.

The following Youtube video is an interview with Cameron. It covers all the areas mentioned in this article, and more. Cameron talks about major figures in the US and their role in the UFO story. He makes the assertion, for example, that Hilary Clinton was going to disclose the UFO situation when she became president. Sadly, we’ll never know the truth of this for sure, as America seemed to have elected a Klu Klux Klan sympathiser instead. Cameron also talks about major figures in the UFO field, such as Tom DeLonge and Steven Greer. He eloquently explains how Greer and DeLonge are ‘messiahs’ of a kind. In other words, that they are individuals fed information by the military and security services so that they can feel genuinely motivated to talk about what is going on. Unfortunately, Cameron makes it clear that he thinks DeLonge and Greer have been fed false information. Most importantly, he talks extensively about the mind aspect of UFOs, and what that tells us about reality, other intelligent life, and our potential as a species. Highly recommended.

I’ll do my best to add more articles on this aspect of our world when I get the chance. I’ll also add reviews of relevant books. I think it’s a high priority. As Grant Cameron states in his interview, the whole matter of UFOs and minds is of critical importance to ourselves, and our future.