Officially, our universe is a purely physical place. There are no spirits or phantoms. We, as thinking individuals, are nothing more than chemical reactions. This is told to us, all the time, by peer figures in our media. It is a tempting argument but in fact, it’s scientifically impossible.

Over a century ago, James Clerk Maxwell realised that if our reality was purely physical, then it would have decayed into a soup of fundamental particles a long time ago. To point this out, he created the Maxwell’s Demon thought experiment. Our scientific establishment is still unable to solve it. The reason our universe should be a chaotic soup of fundamental particles is because all physical things are governed by entropy. In other words, all physical things become more disordered over time. If only physical things existed, then entropy would control everything and there would be no order and nothing even as complex as a protein. Clearly, there is. Life is incredibly ordered. There therefore must be an outside, intelligent, organising influence at work. Maxwell, and many brilliant scientists after him, realised this was true. Non-physical, intelligent, organising, influencing minds must be present to make life could exist. I explain this whole matter at length in my book Solving Reality. There are many profound consequences to this simple fact and I’m going to focus on one of them today; seeing into the future.


We, as thinking minds, are not a by-product of our brain’s functioning, which is the official explanation. Instead, we, as thinking minds, make our brains work, along with everything else in reality. We, collectively, create physical reality, like someone building a house, or creating a video game. The four-dimensional construction that is physical reality (3D + time) is like a game we’ve made, a so-called sandpit world. We perceive this world through our physical senses. Through our physical senses, we watch time proceed and things move around. This is very useful but it is deceptive. Our physical senses are very useful for getting about and enjoying life but they are limited because they’re physical. We can only see the physical world with our physical senses…. but, since we, as thinking minds, originate outside of reality, we can theoretically see any part of reality, in space and time, with our mind’s eye. Many people have, over the years, done just this. They’ve used their ‘mind’s eye’ to view more than what’s in front of them.

Perhaps the most in-depth and illuminating private development of ‘mind’s eye’ viewing, at least in the twentieth-century, has been the remote-viewing teams set up by the Stanford Research Institute. Their work was then expanded into a US Military program that ran for at least twenty years. Famous remote-viewers, who worked in these teams, included Ingo Swann, Joseph McMoneagle and Russell Targ. These people, and what they did, is also discussed in Jim Marrs’ book Psi Spies. Of all their books, I would especially recommend Ingo Swann’s writing, as he is both clear, readable and highly knowledgeable. These remote viewing teams teams developed a detailed technique for observing remote locations, using their mind’s eye, which they called Coordinated Remote Viewing or CRV. To put it simply, they turned the theoretical possibility of observing any place in space or time into an actual technique. Much of their work is still classified but they have been able to discuss some of what they did, and how they did it, with a wider audience. Their observations also tally with the scientific work done by people such as Dr Robert Jahn and Dr Dean Radin, who have shown that our perceptions are not constrained by our brain or our senses. Jahn and Radin have both shown, through careful experimentation, that our minds are also not constrained by time or space.

For most of us, such abilities are hard to believe. This is partly because they haven’t tried and mostly because our establishment makes a huge effort to convince everyone that they’re impossible. Also,  calmness, quiet and time alone are needed to develop these skills, and those elements are in very short supply in our modern world.

For anyone who decides to embark on the quest to develop ‘mind’s eye’ skills, a word of warning. There are inherent dangers in developing such psychic skills, and it has nothing to do with evil spirits. If a person is able to see, with their mind’s eye, any moment in space and time, then that will give them an enormously powerful ability. In our world, powerful abilities attract the attention of powerful groups. Sometimes, those groups try to recruit someone with such an ability. At other times, they do their best to eradicate that talented person.

The writer Jim Marrs offers a good example of this treatment in his excellent book Psi Spies (page 64):

Helen Duncan had spent a quiet life raising a number of children and occasionally demonstrating her psychic talent through local seances. But in wartime Britain, she quickly came to the attention of the authorities after twice reportedly telling of ships sinking before the news was made public. In January 1944, Duncan was arrested during a Portsmouth psychic reading and charged with vagrancy. Fearful that she might talk about the upcoming plans for the invasion of France, British authorities whisked her off to stand trial at the Old Bailey and upgraded the charge against her to conspiracy to violate a 1735 law against witchcraft. Despite numerous witnesses who testified to the reality and accuracy of her psychic powers, and representatives of the law societies in both Scotland and England terming her trial a travesty of justice, Duncan was found guilty and served a nine-month prison term, keeping her under wraps until long after D-Day.In late 1956, Duncan was again seized by police and died less than a month later, many believed as a direct result of the trauma of her arrest. In 1998, the British news media reportedly continued efforts to have Mrs Duncan pardoned posthumously.

This isn’t the only recorded event of a psychic and World War 2. In Ben Macintyre’s book Double Cross: The story of the D-Day spies, the author reports on a psychic, codenamed Anne. She was asked, on regular occasions, by the British Secret Services, to remotely view key Nazi meetings in Germany. She would go into a trance, leave her body, travel psychically to Germany and float above the targeted meeting in Berlin. She would then physically recount what she saw there. She was a highly-prized agent and her identity was never revealed.

The strategy of officially denouncing and denying psychic abilities, while privately making use of them, is not confined to Britain in wartime. The Nazis notoriously banned and imprisoned astrologers in pre-war Germany, while privately employing the most talented among them and putting them to work for Himmler’s SS. This two-faced approach continued into peace-time. The police forces of many Western countries make regular uses of psychics, while not publicly admitting it, because the best amongst their psychic helpers are so effective. Other mental abilities receive a similar treatment. For example, several water boards in England regularly employ water-diviners, in the face of official ridicule, because they say the diviners are cheaper and more successful then their own equipment.

Hopefully, all this information demonstrates that the theoretical ability of our minds to perceive any location in space or time isn’t just theory. Many people have done this work. With that under our belts, I’ll now  focus on the topic of this article; predicting the future.

The first group that I’ll look at, in terms of predicting the future, aren’t special savants, or trained agents on classified projects. Instead, they are normal people who experienced something strange and profound. They were able to see with their mind’s eye because they couldn’t use their physical senses. To put it simply, they had died.

There and back again

A Near Death Experience, or NDE, occurs when a person’s heart stops beating for minutes or more. During that time, when they are clinically dead, their mind or spirit leaves their body and temporarily visits the Afterlife (or possibly more appropriately Interlife). The person then returns to their body, their heart starts beating again and they’ve survived. There are many books discussing this subject. I would definitely recommend Proof of Heaven, Heading Towards Omega and Consciousness Beyond Life. During their time in the spirit-realm, several of these experiencers report that they saw visions of our future, or a possible future. They make it clear that our future isn’t set; instead, it crystallises out of all our possibilities futures, depending on our actions, but they do say that certain aspects of our future are now inevitable.

Dr Kenneth Ring’s excellent book Heading Towards Omega, published in 1984, includes an entire chapter, entitled Planetary visions of Near-Death experiencers, in which NDE’rs describe what they have seen of our future. The chapter includes many testimonies, and so I’ll summarise their report. Their overwhelming view is that we will suffer global climate meltdown in the twenty-first century. This catastrophic collapse of our weather systems will also trigger volcanic activity and earthquakes, a connection described very well in Dr Bill McGuire’s excellent book Waking the Giant. Here are a few of the comments:

Oh my God, that’s going to be terrible. The weather is going to go crazy. We’re just as likely to have snow in the middle of the summer as one-hundred-degree weather… I see droughts in other countries.

We’ll start getting more droughts, which will bring about shortages in crops, and the shortage in crops will cause food prices to rise, which will cause a strain on the economic situation, which is already going downhill. Also, at the same time… because of the shortage of food and the failing economy, I see a strengthening of arms, which cause tension… These kind of hostilities and [increasing] inflation start more hostilities.

These comments are very much in line with the predictions made in the excellent book Climate Wars, Unfortunately, I think they are all spot-on. We are now on a runaway climate-change course. Fortunately, the NDE subjects do state that this traumatic period will actually turn out be a very positive, transformative experience for our species. This is because the experience will be like someone getting a heart-attack; the shock of it will change their whole attitude to their lives. As a result, they switch to a far more fulfilling and sustainable existence. After our period of climate meltdown, we, as a race, will no longer regard our living planet as something to be used but instead, something that is treasured. This change in perception was experienced by a team who simulated living on Mars by holing themselves up in a pod complex for a year, in the HI-SEAS habitat, described in my article the good bit about climate change. After months in isolation, in which they could only eat fresh food they’d grown, they treasured all the fruit and vegetables they produced. It’s a mentality reminiscent of the classic science fiction movie Silent Running.

Remote viewers, already mentioned in this article, also looked into the future to find out what was going to happen to us in the next century-or-so. They came to a very similar conclusion to the NDE experiencers, and Gwynne Dyer’s book. Jim Marrs explains, in his book Psi-Spies, that in March 1992, five PSI TECH (a commercial spin-off created by some ex-members of the military teams) remote viewers were commissioned to explore the ramifications of the ozone problem by the Institute for Human Potential, a think-tank formed in honour of Senator Claiborne Pell, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Funding for the Institute came primarily from grants by Laurance Rockefeller. They gave their report and it wasn’t pretty. ‘The outlook is grim’, succinctly stated the cover letter. The report contained this sobering assessment:

“Atmospheric ozone depletion/replenishment was perceived to be driven by a natural ebb and flow process – a geophysical cycle. But this process has become overwhelmed by manmade activity… A critical point is reached, circa 2005-2012, where the destruction will begin a runaway course, in a fashion analogous to metastasis [the transfer of malignant cells from one location to another]. During this period, the problem and its potential consequences will no longer be subject to question. The ozone layer will not necessarily be slowed down but its effects temporarily ameliorated by coincidental volcanic activity.

One such related event will be the explosion of an ‘extinct’ volcano in the North American Cascade chain… The volcanic activity will literally and figuratively eclipse the ozone problem but decreased sunlight will wreak havoc with crop production in many places. Chaotic weather patterns in combination with decreased sunlight will necessitate the construction of huge, environmentally-controlled greenhouses so that food production can carry on without being subject to vicissitudes of climate/weather.

Unwittingly, these structures form the templates for technologies that will become increasingly critical to sustaining human life. They will begin to be seen as sanctuaries, then habitats, as societies migrate into them. A point is reached where very little life is seen outside of the artificial structures. The atmosphere outside these biospheres is almost antiseptic. The sky is striated and multi-hued. Earth’s remaining, surviving inhabitants have either been driven underground or into these very large, climate controlled domes, which now house complete, medium-sized cities. Our children’s children are resident there. There is no perceivable violence. Most creative energy is directed to questions of survival.”

The report is detailed but also maddeningly vague. There are no dates associated with these events. This may be down to the variability of future events, or the remote viewers limited ability, or that such information was redacted from the non-classified version of the report. It’s very difficult to know which of these is true.

Some readers may spot that the PSI-TECH team’s report talks about CFC’s as the molecule at the centre of the climate meltdown. This might seem to show that the remote viewers were wide of the mark with their prediction. In fact, ozone depleting chemicals such as CFC’s are highly potent greenhouse gases, far more so that carbon dioxide and methane. They therefore may be the ultimate greenhouse gas in our atmosphere. It’s also worth noting that the PSI-TECH report was produced in the early 90’s, when the subject of climate change had barely broken into the mainstream. In comparison, the ozone hole was big news at that time, and so it’s understandable that the remote viewers would focus on that particular molecule.

The eruption of a volcano also links with another prediction of our future, this time one made using archaeological evidence and a new theory about fundamental physics. Dr Paul LaViolette believes that there is an active, transmuting ether pervading all of physical reality. He has written about this in several books, including Earth Under Fire, which I definitely recommend. One aspect of his theory is that our solar system is periodically bombarded by a wave of gravity, energy and dust from the centre of our galaxy, every 12,800 years. The last of these bombardments was the Younger Dryas Impact event, roughly 12,800 years ago. The next one is therefore imminent. I discuss this matter in my Nexus article, Gobekli Tepe, the Fox and Global Catastrophe. That article is also available on this website. The gravity element of this galactic wave is highly likely to cause serious natural events on our planet when it hits, such as earthquakes and eruptions. Dr LaViolette explains in his book, Earth Under Fire, that we may have already had a warning shot of this upcoming event:

‘Humanity received a wake-up call on December 26th, 2004, with the occurrence of a magnitude 9.3 earthquake off the coast of Sumatra in Malaysia. The tsunami that accompanied it left over 240,000 either dead or missing. It was the worst to affect this area since the 1883 explosion of Krakatau. This earthquake was so strong that it exceeded by a factor of 10 the next most powerful earthquake to occur anywhere on our planet in the past 25 years. Also, quite alarmingly, just 44.6 hours later on December 27th, gamma-ray telescopes orbiting the Earth picked up the arrival of the brightest gamma-ray burst ever recorded! This raises the question of whether these two mega-events may have been causally linked. The chance in 1 in 5000 that two such distinctive events would have been separated purely by coincidence…. In fact, telescopes converging on its source, SGR 1806-20, found it lay in the constellation of Sagittarius about 10 degrees north-east of the galactic centre and between 20,000 to 32,000 light-years away from us, or approximately as far away as the galactic centre. Over such a distance, the 44.6 hour delay is approximately a 1 in 5 million parts delay between the gravity shockwave and the wave of gamma-ray radiation. This tiny delay can be explained by concluding that the gamma-ray radiation was obstructed by interstellar dust and gases and had to take a ‘zig-zag’ path.’

It therefore seems that scientists, remote viewers and NDE experiencers all have a very similar view of our future, that we are soon going to experience droughts, storms, heatwaves and other calamities. In addition, we could get something even worse; a galactic super-wave that plunges our planet into years of darkness after violent cataclysm.

To this collection of evidence about predictions of our future, I’m going to add an extra item; my own predictions.

Looking along the path

After reading Psi Spies, many years ago, I was annoyed that the Remote Viewers didn’t supply a date for their predicted Cascade eruption. Remote Viewers aren’t going to impress anyone if they are so vague with their predictions of future calamities. I thought about the matter a lot and ended up dreaming about it, in November 2017. In the dream I was looking down on a track, like an athletics running track. I knew it was the future, stretching ahead. The track was marked with months and years. I moved along the track, feeling the time pass as marked on the track. Nothing significant happened in the rest of 2017. 2018 came along and I moved through it without incident. Again, all was quiet but in the first few days of 2019, a large cloud of black smoke erupted. It was clearly something major but survivable. I walked through that (coughing a bit) and continued through 2019. I passed through the Spring months and then, in July 2019, there was an absolutely massive eruption of fine, grey ash. It felt as if the Earth had blown a hole in its side. This cloud of ash covered the track in the dream all through June and July and then, somehow, in the Autumn, an enormous cloud of black dust mixed with the fine ash and blanketed everything. The black cloud was everywhere.

I was very interested, and concerned, to discover if this was going to happen. I certainly felt that something major was coming, something global that would cause a massive loss of life. It turned out that there was no caldera-sized eruption. Instead, in Autumn 2019, Covid-19 broke out (For more on that, please read my Covid-19 and Frankenstein article). How accurate was it? Anak Krakatau did erupt at the beginning of 2019 but otherwise, there was little connection with a major eruption. Alternatively, it could be said that my prediction of a global spread, in late 2019, of a toxic, black cloud of fine particles causing mass-deaths was spot-on. This ambiguity shows the difficulty of exploring these strange, subtle areas.

As a follow-on from this, I’d like to make a second prediction. I’ve perceived that something serious will happen on January 2nd, 2021. I’ve perceived that there will be a massive eruption that produces a layer of white/grey ash on the ground. The most likely candidate for this eruption, I think, is Mount Adams in the Cascades Range of the United States. I am being somewhat sceptical of this prediction, even though I’m making it, as my last one was far from super-accurate, but I think it’s worth talking about. The remote-viewers often emphasised that guessing, or assuming things, often got in the way of an accurate perception; it distorted and undermined what a person picked up. I may be doing that, by matching my perceptions with the PSI-TECH report, mentioned above. It’s a tricky balancing act. Nevertheless, making a prediction, and then seeing what happens, is an interesting experiment to carry out. I haven’t made one for three years, so I’m hardly bombarding everyone. Let’s  see what happens, and how closely the prediction matches what actually takes place. If it is very close, then we’ve learnt something. If it’s miles off, then I’ll make no more predictions for another three years.


In many ways, predicting the future is easy to do. The biggest problem is that people don’t want it to be bad. Our future is grim, just as the scientists and remote viewers have said. Only a small fraction of our current world population will be in existence at the beginning of the twenty-second century, probably existing in a dome, something I’ve just blogged about. I think we could deal with this fact better if we understood that we, as thinking minds, are immortal. We don’t die when our body dies. Instead, we just leave our bodies, and this physical reality, and go elsewhere. This is not just a spiritual belief, it is a scientific fact. We will survive what’s to come because we are immortal. Sadly, we won’t survive what’s to come unscathed because we’ll see what our actions have wrought upon our planet, which will stay with us for a long time. We make our choices, and we live with the consequences.