Icon UFOThe issue of UFOs has been a thorny subject for decades, ever since they came to prominence during and after the Second World War. For a long time, the United States and its allies tried to persuade us that nothing was happening, that we weren’t being visited by aliens and anyone who thought we were was a foolish, delusional idiot. More recently, due to the proliferation of evidence supporting the existence of such exotic, highly advanced craft, particularly via material leaked from military witnesses, the approach of our Western establishment has been shifting. In a nutshell, it’s gone from, ‘they don’t exist’ to ‘they do exist, but be very afraid of them’.

Siege Mentality

icon earthFor last the ten years, I’ve noticed the increasing use of ‘evil grey’ imagery in YouTube documentaries and posts. This is becoming almost ubiquitous, as if there are lots of reports of such evil beings marauding across our planet. In fact,  to my knowledge, there is no evidence that such evil-looking grey aliens exist. I haven’t encountered any credible reports of someone encountering such creatures, unless we go all the way back to one abduction described in the 80’s, and even that didn’t contain evil-looking aliens, simply several aliens that operated on a human beings. In comparison, the vast majority of reports describe or depict creatures that are non-violent, harmless and fragile. This media-migration from ‘they don’t exist’ to ‘they do exist but they’re evil’ also seems to involved the revival of historical comments, made by Ronald Reagan and other leaders, that we will ultimately face an alien enemy. What is going in? Why are we being encouraged to prepare for evil aliens?

In the last few years, I’ve realised that our civilisation is, at its heart, an abusive-control system. I’ve written about this in my article domestic violence, religion and civilisation. The structure and key elements of civilisation fit a standard technique by anyone who is exerting abusive control over an isolated group. For more on that, please read the article. This abusive control-system, and the agenda of those who maintain it, also explains why aliens would be either officially ‘impossible’ or ‘scary’. It is akin to someone running a cult, isolationist group saying, ’there is no one outside the compound’. When that can’t be maintained, it is replaced with, ‘There are people outside the compound but they’re very scary and dangerous, so don’t go near them.’ Both tactics serve the same agenda; the minimisation of friendly contact with any outside observers. Those in power are fully aware that extended contact would enlighten the cult-members as to their true situation, that they are being abused, kept ignorant, being drugged, kept sick and forced into lives of suffering and misery. It is a situation similar to the Spartan method of control, a situation I’ve written about in keep them ill, keep them scared. I’ve also written about the possible use of nuclear weapons to keep aliens at bay in my article Hostage Crisis: Earth!

Some readers, at this point, might say that I’m being naive to think that aliens would all be loving and friendly. I would agree that it’s unlikely that all of them would be benign or loving but there is a simple logic to the idea that alien races visiting Earth would be, almost exclusively, a positive presence: if they weren’t, we’d all be dead. Any species, possessing the craft that they seem to possess, clearly must have a massive technological advantage over us. If they were malevolent, we would have been massacred long ago. The only logical scenario that explains their existence and their presence here is that they are benevolent but they don’t want to interfere in human society in a blatant way. This approach is akin to the ‘Star Trek’ idea of non-interference, which makes it sound a bit cheesy but, nevertheless, it makes sense. If fleets of UFOs appeared over capital cities, or beings landing in every high street, there would not only cause a lot of panic, our military would go berserk. We’d probably end up in a nuclear war before anyone had a chance to invite a Venusian into their living-room. Because of this, low-key, careful alien interactions do seem the best way forward in our current world-circumstances.

Trapped in the compound

Icon aura headAdvanced technology isn’t the only difference, seemingly, between ourselves and alien visitors. There is also the matter of mental development. As far as I can tell, one sad aspect of our abused situation on this planet is that those in power have severely hampered our mental development. For millennia, any attempts by anyone in the West to develop techniques such as remote viewing, telepathy, meditation, prescience, the use of hallucinogens in measured ways, or any other mental advancement were evil witchcraft. More recently, as secular science has taken the place of religion as our source of understanding, we’ve been told that only physical things exist, so all psychic phenomena are impossible. What’s more, we’re all just bags of molecules with no free will. The message to us from those in control has therefore switched from ‘don’t try and expand your minds; it’s evil’ to ‘don’t try and expand your minds; it’s impossible’. Both messages are scientifically and logically wrong, as I explain in my book Solving Reality. They are also both forms of abusive control, as they are akin to an abuser telling his victim that she is useless, of no value, unable to flourish, and can’t decide anything because she’s a nothing. This interpretation might sound extreme but, after a lot of research, I’ve realised that this is the situation we’re in.

Many of us, because of social programming, have spent almost no time in our lives trying to develop our mental horizons. Even if some of us realise that psi abilities are possible, we are often too tired, too overworked, too busy, too stressed, too drunk or too ill to develop such abilities. We are also fed a media diet of violence, hostility and tribalism, which also hampers such progress. By comparison, people involved in alien-contact report that they experience mental contact filled with friendship, love, and calm assurance. For example, the following YouTube documentary by the Paranormal Scholar channel describes the The Pentyrch UFO Incident, that took place in 2016 in Wales.

Caz Clarke, the main UFO witness in the documentary, explains that when a UFO ‘reddish orb’ came close to her, instead of feeling scared and powerless, she felt a mental message of calm friendship. She became happy and energised. If her experience is correct, along with many other such experience in the UFO case-files, then these alien visitors are worth getting to know. If we did spend time with them and communicate with them, what could we learn?


If there are aliens visiting Earth, and they possess both superior technology and superior mental abilities, then it would make sense to learn from them. They seem to be far ahead of us, so how did they reach that advanced state? What challenges did they overcome? What aspects of their behaviour did they have to change? What do we need to do catch up with them? These kind of in-depth questions are rarely answered in UFO-contact books. Fortunately, there is one book (and its sequel) where there are alleged in-depth discussions between aliens and normal humans.

Stefano Breccia has written two books about alien contact: Mass Contacts and its follow-up, 50 years of Amicizia (friendship). These books aren’t well-known; they’re never mentioned in mainstream UFO programmes, their presentation isn’t slick and professional, and their English translations from the original Italian have amusing flaws, but they are an invaluable account of a prolonged friendship between a group of Italians and a group of aliens. The aliens concerned aren’t exotic-looking – they just look like slightly odd and very tall human for a person – but according to the author, those aliens spent many years interacting with himself and his friends in Northern Italy. During their time spent together, he was able to ask the aliens a lot of questions and gain an in-depth understanding of their approach to life, other races and the universe at large. The second book does contain technical descriptions of their spacecraft but what fascinated me more was their morality, spirituality and view of the universe.

These aliens, who lived in Italy for many decades and spent time with the author, were entirely non-violent. They were, in his words, incapable of committing violence. They possessed this nature because they deeply believed that all living things in the universe were one, and that compassionate, unconditional friendship towards all other living things was vital and normal. The aliens were also vegetarians, or vegans. They did not eat any animals. When friends of Breccia gave two of the aliens a piglet and a bag of potatoes, so that they could eat, the aliens gave the piglet the potatoes, as it was hungry, while they themselves went without food. The aliens explained to Breccia that this approach was compassionate but it also saved them from illness, as animals who are slaughtered leave a toxic presence in their meat, due to their traumatic and terrifying death. The aliens did not have a religion, as such. Instead, they saw themselves as part of a Universal One. They did meditate regularly in order to maintain a harmonious personal mental state and also to preserve a harmonious group mental state, which they believed was a presence and an identity all of its own. Their credo, interestingly, closely matches the civilising god Quetzacoatl, who encouraged the Maya to be non-violent, compassionate and respectful of all life. He recommended, for example, that they only use fallen wood and never cut down trees. When the Maya discussed their warfare plans with him, he would stop up his ears so as to avoid listening to such ideas.

Although I very much enjoyed Mass Contacts, I did find some of the events in the book hard to believe. Some of them were downright preposterous, but I couldn’t fault the aliens’ morality, intelligence and their approach to life, death and the universe. Their beliefs match many of the ideas I’ve written about on this website and in my book Solving Reality. For example, I realised the importance of non-violence through my dreams, as I explain in this article. I am also doing my best to minimise meat-eating. Breccia’s aliens recommend that if someone wants to improve their compassionate diet, it is advisable that a person most importantly avoids mammals (sheep, pigs, beef) and then, progressively, slowly removes animals of lower evolutionary development from their diet (fish, then molluscs, insects and so on). Ultimately, as the Jain recommend, a person will becomes vegan. They’ll even endeavour to harvest their vegetables without killing the entire plant, for example by only removing the leaves and not the roots. The quality of soil is also important, both for the plant’s health and for the health of those using it for farmland.

An open mind

Another aspect of the aliens’ advice in Mass Contacts is their attempts to get across to Breccia and his friends that the universe is very different from what they’ve been told. Advanced technology and advanced mental abilities enable creations and acts that seem magical, or simply impossible to the average human being on Earth. Here is one conversation from the book that I found particularly thought-provoking. I’ve improved some of the English, without altering its meaning:

“Now, I’d like to present the reader with a very strange conversation, that has taken place between one of the W56’s (the name given to the alien race) and a German gentleman. As usual, talks have been in German. I had translated them into Russian, then into Italian, now into English. In the following transcription, the German’s sentences will be written in italics.

How many pieces are contained within a box of matches? One, one thousand, a million?

I believe one hundred, when the box is full.

Why not one million?

They could not fit into it. Moreover, they would cost much more than the price of the box.

But could you find a million matches in a box you’ve bought, believing that it contained only one hundred of them?

They could not fit into it.

You might also fill a matchbox with billions of pieces, had you the necessary technology.

The ones who actually manufacture matchboxes aren’t able to put more than a hundred pieces inside them.

You always get limited by your environment. Do please imagine that it may be possible to put a billion matches inside a hundred-piece box.

OK. So what?

Should you get astonished in finding so many?

Not if I was aware that was possible. Of course I would get astonished, as I’m sure it isn’t possible.

But I assure you that it may be done. So, should you get astonished?

I would be astonished, regardless, as such a thing has never happened to me.

Limitations as usual. If it never happened to you, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

At least it’s very improbable. I smoke a pipe, so I’m used to open matchboxes, and I never chanced to find one with a billion matches inside.

So you should get astonished.

Of course I would.

But the universe is made up of anomalous situations; it’s them which carry information. If all matchboxes contained one-hundred pieces, nothing new could ever take place.

In my country, the people that do not worry at the sight of a billion matches inside a matchbox are usually called lunatics.

That’s why you’re not able to receives messages from reality.

The above conversation is surreal, at first glance. It sounds like something out of Alice in Wonderland but, after more thought, I realised that it was a slice of true wisdom. As I explain in my book Solving Reality, key scientific progress comes from individuals realising, through experiment and logic, that the universe doesn’t work in the way they thought or expected. Vital leaps forward in our scientific understanding have also required a deep change in our view of the universe, a change requiring us to accept that something that seems weird, or downright impossible, is in fact true. For example, Copernicus discovered that our planet goes around the sun (not the other way around). Van Helmont discovered that plants get their material from the air (not the ground). Quantum Physicists discovered that reality comes into existence through observation (it’s not fundamentally solid). All of these discoveries seemed nonsensical at the time, and at first sight, they still do. They therefore show that the only way for any person to extend and improve their understanding of the universe is to be open to new experiences, to not denounce, dismiss or run from them, but instead to examine them. Later, having had that experience, they can think afresh about what is possible. General opinion, peer-group views and gut instinct don’t help in this situation, as they are all limiting factors. Catching up with the aliens therefore not just about getting better kit, it’s about changing our whole life-view.


Mass Contacts and 50 years of Amicizia (friendship) are well-worth reading. They are clunky in places and some of the events reported in the books by the author are hard-to-believe, to the point of ludicrous, but there is much to be enjoyed, and thought about. I think aliens are visiting our planet and interacting with select human beings. Hopefully, they can help us navigate through our current problems and help us to a better future. Clearly, this is going to be a slow process. History tells us that any group that becomes non-violent usually gets invaded and subjugated by another group who is violent. Part of this problem is the vast number of people on Earth, a far higher number than our planet can sustain. I think, in the long-term, climate change will force a major population decrease. Those generations, far few in number and living on a changed Earth, will have the chance to progress, both mentally and morally. Fingers crossed, they will.