The Body Electric, by Dr Robert Becker and Gary Selden, is an excellent investigation into how electrical signals control healing and general cellular function in the body. The first two-thirds of the book documents how the author, a physician and researcher in the United States, discovered that DC signals in the body, transmitted through the Schwann cells around the nerves, are critical in cellular repair and wound healing. He shows how salamanders are able to regrow their tails and bone-fractures heal themselves. He explains how clever use of current stimulation at very low levels can have a wondrous effect on wound repair, breakages and other healing effects. He shows that proteins and other cellular components act as semi-conductors, allowing rapid but low level electron flow through the body.

´┐╝The author then goes on to study how cancer growth and cancer removal are both heavily influenced by electron flow in the body. For example, he shows that when a salamander’s tail is cut, its process of regrowth also heals cancerous growths in its own body, even if those cancerous growths were crafted on to it from another animal. This situation – ‘cancer removal while the host is in a heightened healing state’ – is similar to another scenario, where a person in a high fever can actually be cured of his or her cancer. This phenomenon was discovered by the American physician William Coley, something which I’ve written about in this article.

In the final few chapters of the book, Dr Becker then switches to the matter of electromagnetic pollution, from microwaves, cathode ray tubes, overhead power lines, mobile phones and other sources of radiation. During the book, Dr Becker has explained how all cellular processes on Earth, including our own bodies, are highly sensitive to magnetic fields, including our Earth’s magnetic field, and all its subtle fluctuations. In the chapters of electromagnetic pollution, he puts forward a lot of evidence that the sheer mass of electromagnetic pollution we are now receiving is definitely affecting our mental states, our fertility, our cancer growths and other serious health issues.

Dr Becker also explains the potential for harm and mental control from the latest developments in electromagnetic emissions. In other words, the destructive power of electromagnetic weapons, such as pulsed microwaves and Extremely Low Frequency emissions or ELFs. He explains how pulsed microwaves can cause heart failure, blindness and mental confusion, and they can even be applied to the head to stimulate parts of the brain, causing sounds and voices to be heard by the subject. This type technology makes it perfectly possible for secret military groups to neutralise ‘enemies of the state’ by irradiating them so they they drop dead of a heart attack, suffer terrible depression or go mad. This possibility may be repeatedly vilified in the media as paranoid conspiracy-theory territory, but that doesn’t stop it being true.

Dr Becker then makes it very clear, in his book, that the military-industrial-corporate world has a lot of vested interest in ignoring good science, science that proves that the amount of electromagnetic pollution we are receiving is harmful to health (in particular microwave radiation, ELF radiation, X-rays and others). He gives multiple examples, some from personal experience, that show the lengths to which those in power will go to starve research into these areas, denigrate valid work, publish their own rigged results to discount the valid research and bury any important results.

Dr Becker finishes the book by explaining at length that science does not work in a meritocratic environment. Although many scientists are honest and thorough, the field is awash with massive egos, feuds, lying, cheating, plagiarism and the negative effects of vested interests. To quote (pg 332):

“There has even been a scientific study documenting how choices made by the peer review system depend almost entirely on whether the experts are sympathetic or hostile to the hypothesis being suggested [rather than the quality of the research, the reliability of the data or the experience of the scientist]. True to form, the National Academy of Sciences, which sponsored the investigation, suppressed its results for two years.”

Overall, I definitely recommend the Body Electric. It is a little slow in parts, particularly during the lengthy discussions of bone repair and limb regrowth, but it’s full of fascinating material. The book is an excellent description of a theory, put forward from a gifted and honest scientist, that establishes a compelling case that we are being effectively lied to and cheated by the corporate-military-industrial crowd on many important health matters. The sooner people know about this, the better.