Update (August 2021) – This book has been replaced by the book ‘Minds Make the World’. After much drawing and typing, My new popular-science / philosophy book, Solving Reality, is available to buy from Amazon. There’s two editions of the paperback book; a white-paper version (ISBN: 979-8-7379-0999-4) and a cream-paper version (ISBN: 979-8-7458-1735-9). I wasn’t planning to publish two versions; it just happened because of the vagaries of the Amazon publishing process. Both editions contains the same content. The paperback is £10.95. The ebook is only £1.95. The illustrations in the book are vector-based, enabling the ebook to be cheap and illustrated, but it does mean that the ebook version is a bit clunkier to use. The Google Look Inside features also mangles the illustrations but they’re fine on the actual copies.

Here’s the back-cover blurb:

“In the 1930s, a group of Nobel Prize winning physicists discovered something astonishing: reality couldn’t be purely physical. Influencing minds must exist in order for reality to appear out of the quantum realm. Solving Reality explores these scientists’ insight. It shows a crucial fact: if things were only physical, then there would be no order in the universe. In a purely physical universe, there would be no life. We also get to see that the Big Bang is quadruply impossible, chicks have telekinetic powers and that you’ll do better in exams if you study them after you take them. There’s also fun illustrations, including one of Dr Samuel Johnson, naked, in a virtual-reality pod, just to keep things interesting. The universe is weird; it just looks normal.”

In other words, the book explains scientifically that our minds are not the creations of our physical brains, as our scientific establishment would have us believe. Instead, our minds are non-physical, influencing entities that control our bodies and make reality happen.

Generally, when people discuss spirits, minds and physical reality in the Developed World, they fall into two groups; the scientists who say that ghosts and spirits are impossible, scientifically, and non-scientists who believe in ghosts, spirits and the idea that minds create reality. The two groups have no common ground and nothing is resolved. This book does something different; it bridges the gap between those two positions by showing that minds must create reality, as it is the only scientific explanation. This was discovered by a host of Nobel Prize winning physicists around a century ago and it still holds true.

If you’d like to try the book, its first chapter is available to read, on this website, on the Solving Reality page. If you buy the book and enjoy it, it would be great if you could leave a review on Amazon, so that other people will be encouraged to try it too.