Icon aura headThis section of the website focusses on the mind. According to my research, our minds are not a creation of our functioning brain. This is in fact impossible. For an explanation why, please read Solving Reality. Instead, we, as thinking, non-physical minds, influence and maintain our physical bodies, including our brains. We, as thinking minds, also collaborate in the creation of physical reality, something discovered by the pioneers of quantum physics. We bring order to a physical universe that would collapse into a chaotic mess, because of entropy, if we weren’t around.┬áThe whole topic of mind is therefore not just about the side-effect of a functioning brain, it’s about the foundations of reality itself. It’s also about how we perceive the world, what we’re capable of, as thinking minds, and the problems we have too. To kick off this topic, I recommend Solving Reality, followed by dreams and non-violence.