Icon coronavirusToday (10th Jan 2021), the Sunday Observer part of the Guardian newspaper published an article, Does vitamin D combat Covid? The article is well-researched and thorough. It shows that clinicians and medical experts were aware of the benefits of treating Covid-19 patients with large amounts of Vitamin D, all the way back in April 2020. What is disturbing is the reticence and failure of the UK government to follow up on those recommendations and tell the British public how useful this simple vitamin could be in fighting Covid-19. To quote from the article:

In April, dozens of doctors wrote to the British Medical Journal describing the correction of vitamin D deficiencies as “a safe, simple step” that “convincingly holds out a potential, significant, feasible Covid-19 mitigation remedy”

The article explains that there was clear evidence that Vitamin D could help. What’s more, the vitamin was simple, affordable and only toxic in extremely high doses, far above the amounts available to people over the counter. It seemed to be a no-brainer to run a publicity campaign, encouraging people to take the vitamin, especially if they were dark-skinned. Strangely, this didn’t happen. To quote again from the article:

By April, Public Health England had revised its vitamin D guidelines, wary of people’s reduced exposure to the sun during lockdown. Whereas once it had suggested only taking small doses in the winter, now it advised everyone to take a daily dose all year round, which was the pre-existing advice only for people of colour, those in care homes and children aged one to four. But it didn’t run an information campaign to inform the public of the change, nor tell those at greater risk to increase their intake, and the majority of people remained unaware of the nutrient’s potential effect.

Even in November 2020, the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) still dragged their feet over the matter. To quote again from the article:

Nice again ruled there was insufficient evidence to prove a causal relationship between vitamin D deficiency and Covid severity, but, for what is believed to be the first time, PHE’s nutrition committee said vitamin D “may provide some additional benefit in reducing the risk of acute respiratory infections.” While Nice belatedly called for more research.

I became aware of the connection between Vitamin D and Covid-19 in the late Autumn of 2020, when the American video blogger Chris Martenson talked about it, in connection to the Bradykinin-storm hypothesis, developed by a super-computer. If we combine this info with that put forward in the Guardian-Observer article, the benefits of Vitamin-D for helping to combat Covid-19 become clear.  There’s not only clinical evidence that patients benefit from Vitamin-D when combatting Covid-19, there’s also a sound biochemical theory of how Vit-D and Covid-19 are linked.

I think the failure of the UK government to run a huge publicity campaign, encouraging people to take Vitamin-D, especially before our winter, is scandalous. It may also be criminal. How many people’s lives could have been saved if everyone knew about the benefit of Vitamin D? How many long-covid sufferers could have had their symptoms reduced, or their disease ended? The entire focus has been on vaccines, many of which will probably only give partial protection, and only be effective for two-to-three months. I think the silence on Vitamin D is eerily similar to the demonising of hydroxychloroquine. That drug showed a lot of promise in many trials but the only trial the media talked about was the Oxford study, which was deeply flawed. The UK government then rapidly dumped it as a possible prophylactic treatment.

One thread keeps cropping up in this whole matter of medicines for Covid-19. The only medicine the UK government and the majority of the media want to talk about are vaccines. Vaccines do have a clear benefit to reduce the incidence of the disease but they are not a magical cure. Most of them only confer 62% to 80% protection and they are unlikely to confer protection for longer than a few months, due to the way coronaviruses interact with the immune system. It is critically important that people are given every help in every medical way to combat Covid-19. Sadly, there is one reason why only new vaccines are being promoted; they are patented and Big Pharma makes most of its profits from patented drugs.