Icon moleculeLast year, Chris Martenson published a lot of YouTube videos about the coronavirus pandemic, from his channel at Peak Prosperity. I think he did a brilliant job of explaining the available science on the disease. He has a PhD in Pathology, so he understands what’s involved. He also did a great job of supplying scientifically accurate information that our governments and the pharmaceutical industry didn’t seem so keen on publicising, especially about medicines that were out of patent, and so weren’t going to be a goldmine for any corporation.

Chris’s latest video talks about something else that can’t be patented; Vitamin-C. Recently, I’ve been blogging about the importance of Vitamin-D in combatting Covid, particularly Long Covid. There is good science behind this idea. I’m not the only one who’s noticed it. The MP and former Cabinet Minister David Davis pointed this out to our Prime Minister, in Parliament this week. He stated that a region of Spain used Vitamin D against Covid with impressive results. Why wasn’t the UK government encouraging its use? As ever, our PM waffled. Once again, it looks as if we have to do this ourselves.

If we return to Vitamin C, Chris explains in his video that he studied a paper reporting on a randomised clinical trial, in which Vitamin C was used to treat an acute respiratory condition. Here’s the video:

What Chris found (around the 12:00 mark onwards) was that the paper’s authors had concluded that Vitamin C hadn’t done better than placebo on several bio-markers. This would endorse the idea that Vitamin C is only for health-freaks… but, when he studied the trial’s data, it was clear that Vitamin C had significantly reduced mortality, ICU time and hospital time for the patients that took it. The paper’s authors had somehow left that vital fact out of their summary. They only admitted to it in the small-print. It was as if they didn’t want to state how successful it was.

If those results are correct, and it was a rigorous trial, then Vitamin C is a powerful medicine. I would therefore continue my recommendation to anyone suffering from Covid or Long Covid; take the largest recommended dose of Vitamin D you can, per day. Also take a flat teaspoon of Vitamin C powder every day. I think it’s helped me and you don’t have to pay vast £££ or $$$ for it.