The way forward: UFO-style

Icon UFOThe issue of UFOs has been a thorny subject for decades, ever since they came to prominence during and after the Second World War. For a long time, the United States and its allies tried to persuade us that nothing was happening, that we weren’t being visited by aliens and anyone who thought we were was a foolish, delusional idiot. More recently, due to the proliferation of evidence supporting the existence of such exotic, highly advanced craft, particularly via material leaked from military witnesses, the approach of our Western […]

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My new book, Solving Reality, is available to buy

Update (August 2021) – This book has been replaced by the book ‘Minds Make the World’. After much drawing and typing, My new popular-science / philosophy book, Solving Reality, is available to buy from Amazon. There’s two editions of the paperback book; a white-paper version (ISBN: 979-8-7379-0999-4) and a cream-paper version (ISBN: 979-8-7458-1735-9). I wasn’t planning to publish two versions; it just happened because of the vagaries of the Amazon publishing process. Both editions contains the same content. The paperback is £10.95. The ebook is only £1.95. The illustrations […]

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Vaccine efficacy

Icon coronavirusBelow is a very good video from Vox, explaining vaccine efficacy for Covid-19. The video shows how the efficacy value is certainly useful but it’s far from being the final say when deciding the effectiveness of a particular vaccine. This is because the efficacy value is highly dependent on when the clinical trial took place, and the incidence and strain of Covid-19 present at that time. If the trial took place when there was a high incidence of the disease, this will skew the values negatively for that vaccine, […]

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‘You don’t have free will, but don’t worry’ – review

Icon moleculeAn interesting video popped up on my YouTube recommended list today. The physics YouTube star Sabine Hossenfelder has been producing physics videos for a while now. She is clearly clever and very knowledgeable. I very much enjoyed her video on problems in physics (I can’t find it now so there’s no link; sorry). She has also been candid in the past about problems in physics, such as the crisis in cosmology, that the Many Worlds Hypothesis is simply a belief, and other relevant topics. The video presented to […]

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Paleopocalypse! 42,000 years ago

icon earthA new paper has appeared in the prestigious journal Science, entitled, A global environmental crisis 42,000 years ago, by Prof Chris Turney of the University of New South Wales and others. The authors explain, in the paper, that evidence from ancient kauri trees in New Zealand, and other evidence, indicates that Earth’s magnetic poles flipped 42,000 years ago and this caused devastating problems for our ancient forebears. The pole-flip has been known for a while – it’s called the Laschamps excursion – but this new paper explains in detail […]

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Lemmino UFO video

Lemmino is a twenty-something Swedish guy who makes high-quality YouTube videos on a variety of subjects. Sometimes, his videos are about a mystery of some kind, which he endeavours to solve during the video. For example, he did an excellent job of coming up with an explanation for the Dyatlov Pass mystery, in which a group of young Russians died in mysterious circumstances in a remote part of the wilderness.

Lemmino’s narration is always dry, rational and intelligent. He explains his subject very well. He never seems to drift […]

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Remote viewing documentary

Icon aura headRemote viewing is a fascinating subject. It’s supposed to be impossible but, as I explain in my book Solving Reality, our minds create reality and so remote viewing is a logical inevitability. Since our minds create reality, our minds are naturally capable of perceiving any place in reality. Nice! The minds-create-reality idea isn’t just my own. It was developed by many brilliant Nobel Prize winners, and a few other geniuses, so there’s no need to just take my word for it. For a full description, check out […]

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Dr LaViolette’s Nexus letter

Icon telescopeThe latest issue of Nexus magazine is out (Feb-Mar 2021). It includes a long letter from Dr Paul LaViolette, commenting on my article Gobekli Tepe, The Fox and Global Catastrophe, which was published in the magazine last year. An earlier version of that article is available here on my website. Dr LaViolette’s letter is long and very technical in parts. He explains some errors in my article, relating to his sub-quantum kinetics theory. For anyone who read my article and wants a definitive understanding of his theories, […]

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Anti-gravity technology – documentary

On this website, I talk a lot about the problems with orthodox science. Primarily, I talk about our scientific establishment’s irrational belief in a purely physical, closed universe. This is impossible according to science’s own rule that entropy causes all physical things to fall apart. If our universe is closed and only physical, nothing can get organised, due to entropy, so all life is impossible. Oops. For more on that, please read the first chapter of my book Solving Reality.

I also think that there is a good case that a […]

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Vitamin D and Covid-19 – why the wait?

Icon coronavirusToday (10th Jan 2021), the Sunday Observer part of the Guardian newspaper published an article, Does vitamin D combat Covid? The article is well-researched and thorough. It shows that clinicians and medical experts were aware of the benefits of treating Covid-19 patients with large amounts of Vitamin D, all the way back in April 2020. What is disturbing is the reticence and failure of the UK government to follow up on those recommendations and tell the British public how useful this simple vitamin could be in fighting Covid-19. To quote […]

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Sentient plants – new evidence

Icon geckoIn my book Solving Reality, (which I promise will be available to buy soon), I explain that there is a lot of compelling evidence to show that plants are conscious. They are aware of their environment and respond to it in a sentient way. This astonishing phenomenon was noticed by Cleve Backster, inventor of the polygraph test. Backster, for fun, wired his office plant up to a polygraph to see if it would respond like a person. To his amazement, the plant did respond. In one test, Backster […]

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Spaceship Earth documentary – review

icon earthSpaceship Earth is a documentary about Biosphere 2, an experiment carried out in Arizona in which eight people lived inside a sealed bio-dome for two years. The documentary begins by explaining the origins of the group behind the Biosphere 2 project. They met in San Francisco in the late 1960’s and were a theatre group before they became involved in the environment. I was completely unaware of this before watching the documentary – I thought Biosphere 2 was set up by a scientific group – and so it […]

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