The way forward: UFO-style

Icon UFOThe issue of UFOs has been a thorny subject for decades, ever since they came to prominence during and after the Second World War. For a long time, the United States and its allies tried to persuade us that nothing was happening, that we weren’t being visited by aliens and anyone who thought we were was a foolish, delusional idiot. More recently, due to the proliferation of evidence supporting the existence of such exotic, highly advanced craft, particularly via material leaked from military witnesses, the approach of our Western […]

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Burning Man Festival – documentary

Icon habitat domeHere’s a very good documentary about the Burning Man Festival that takes place every year in the Nevada Desert. I’ve become increasingly fascinated with the Burning Man Festival because it seems to be a fascinating expression of a group viewpoint, where a large number of people share a view of how they want to express themselves and what they think is important. I particularly enjoyed the fact, explained in the documentary, that everything is free at the festival apart from coffee (as far as I can remember). In addition, […]

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Vaccine efficacy

Icon coronavirusBelow is a very good video from Vox, explaining vaccine efficacy for Covid-19. The video shows how the efficacy value is certainly useful but it’s far from being the final say when deciding the effectiveness of a particular vaccine. This is because the efficacy value is highly dependent on when the clinical trial took place, and the incidence and strain of Covid-19 present at that time. If the trial took place when there was a high incidence of the disease, this will skew the values negatively for that vaccine, […]

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‘You don’t have free will, but don’t worry’ – review

Icon moleculeAn interesting video popped up on my YouTube recommended list today. The physics YouTube star Sabine Hossenfelder has been producing physics videos for a while now. She is clearly clever and very knowledgeable. I very much enjoyed her video on problems in physics (I can’t find it now so there’s no link; sorry). She has also been candid in the past about problems in physics, such as the crisis in cosmology, that the Many Worlds Hypothesis is simply a belief, and other relevant topics. The video presented to […]

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Penetration by Ingo Swann – book review

Icon aura headOne problem with investigating interesting topics, with an open mind, is that you inevitably end up in weird territory. You discover that the official description of what is true and reasonable, and what is false and ridiculous, doesn’t add up. The popular YouTube documentary-maker, Lemmino, seemed to stumble into this situation in his video documentary The Unknowns – Mystifying UFO cases, which I’ve reviewed. Lemmino is a very thorough and sober researcher. He admits, in the video, that he started out thinking the whole subject was silly and […]

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Phenomena – Annie Jacobsen – book review

Icon aura headI’ve been interesting in psi phenomena for a long time. I’ve been particularly interested in remote viewing, as it has no occult connections and is simply a way for our minds to perceive remote locations. I’ve tried remote viewing myself, with interesting results. I also recently reviewed a remote viewing documentary. I was therefore keen to read Annie Jacobsen’s book Phenomena, which recounts the remote viewing programmes created in the 1970’s in the United States by the U.S. Military and the CIA, and how they progressed for the next […]

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Popular isn’t the same as True

icon earthRecently, I reviewed a YouTube documentary entitled The Unknowns: Mystifying UFO cases, created by Lemmino, the channel name of a ‘twenty-something Swede’, as he calls himself. The video was about famous UFO sightings. I do recommend it, as I think it is well-made, and balanced in its tone and content. I later watched another Lemmino video, The Vanishing of Flight 370. This video documentary is about the MH370 mystery; the missing Boeing 777 passenger airliner that disappeared shortly after leaving Kuala Lumpur airport around midnight on the night […]

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Lemmino UFO video

Lemmino is a twenty-something Swedish guy who makes high-quality YouTube videos on a variety of subjects. Sometimes, his videos are about a mystery of some kind, which he endeavours to solve during the video. For example, he did an excellent job of coming up with an explanation for the Dyatlov Pass mystery, in which a group of young Russians died in mysterious circumstances in a remote part of the wilderness.

Lemmino’s narration is always dry, rational and intelligent. He explains his subject very well. He never seems to drift […]

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The Lost Art of Resurrection by Freddy Silva – book review

Icon pyramidThe Lost Art of Resurrection by Freddy Silva is about the ancient Mystery Schools of the Mediterranean and Near East. All of them had a very similar agenda and structure. Their purpose was to help people have a spiritual awakening. Not everyone could do this awakening. An initiate had to overcome fear, desire, avarice and other negative-spiritual feelings before they would even be allowed to experience the awakening, but once they did overcome these negative feelings, the opportunity was there. These people would be taken to a temple, in […]

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Spaceship Earth documentary – review

icon earthSpaceship Earth is a documentary about Biosphere 2, an experiment carried out in Arizona in which eight people lived inside a sealed bio-dome for two years. The documentary begins by explaining the origins of the group behind the Biosphere 2 project. They met in San Francisco in the late 1960’s and were a theatre group before they became involved in the environment. I was completely unaware of this before watching the documentary – I thought Biosphere 2 was set up by a scientific group – and so it […]

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Unearthly Disclosures by Timothy Good – book review

UFOs are no longer talked about in the mainstream media, allegedly because UFOs are a silly myth. This is a very odd view to take, as there is, in fact, an enormous amount of evidence that shows that UFOs are very real. Their existence seems to indicate that one of several things is possible. Firstly, that aliens are visiting our planet. If that isn’t happening, then there are aliens on our planet, hidden from us. If that isn’t the case, then members of the human race possess highly advanced technology. […]

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Interesting video on the Giza Pyramids and Tesla

Here’s an interesting video from the Universe Inside You YouTube channel. It explores the possibility that the Great Pyramid functioned as an electromagnetic energy generator, in a similar way to Nikola Tesla’s Wardenclyff Tower. This idea naturally continues on from Christopher Dunn’s book, the Giza Power Plant, which I definitely recommend. The video shows how a concentration of Earth energy, combined with the structure and materials of the pyramid, could have produced an electromagnetic emission. I’ve explored his idea in a different way in my article Giza and the […]

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