Vaccine efficacy

Icon coronavirusBelow is a very good video from Vox, explaining vaccine efficacy for Covid-19. The video shows how the efficacy value is certainly useful but it’s far from being the final say when deciding the effectiveness of a particular vaccine. This is because the efficacy value is highly dependent on when the clinical trial took place, and the incidence and strain of Covid-19 present at that time. If the trial took place when there was a high incidence of the disease, this will skew the values negatively for that vaccine, […]

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Vitamin C can save lives

Icon moleculeLast year, Chris Martenson published a lot of YouTube videos about the coronavirus pandemic, from his channel at Peak Prosperity. I think he did a brilliant job of explaining the available science on the disease. He has a PhD in Pathology, so he understands what’s involved. He also did a great job of supplying scientifically accurate information that our governments and the pharmaceutical industry didn’t seem so keen on publicising, especially about medicines that were out of patent, and so weren’t going to be a goldmine for any corporation.

Chris’s […]

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Vitamin D and Covid-19 – why the wait?

Icon coronavirusToday (10th Jan 2021), the Sunday Observer part of the Guardian newspaper published an article, Does vitamin D combat Covid? The article is well-researched and thorough. It shows that clinicians and medical experts were aware of the benefits of treating Covid-19 patients with large amounts of Vitamin D, all the way back in April 2020. What is disturbing is the reticence and failure of the UK government to follow up on those recommendations and tell the British public how useful this simple vitamin could be in fighting Covid-19. To quote […]

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Covid-19, Vitamin D and a supercomputer

Icon coronavirusSeveral months ago, a very interesting article appeared about Covid-19 on the medium website entitled, A Supercomputer Analyzed Covid-19 — and an Interesting New Theory Has Emerged. The article explained that a supercomputer had studied the reported symptoms of Covid-19. It came up with a unexpected but startling result; that the Sars-Cov-2 virus was causing a bradykinin storm. I’ve blogged about this idea before but because it’s so important, I want to talk about it again.

As most people know, Covid-19 is a coronavirus that gets into the […]

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We vote what we eat

The Presidential election in the United States has finally been concluded. Joe Biden is going to be the next President. Donald Trump’s time in office; four years of lies, climate-change inaction and social division has come to an end. Sadly, this won’t change the fact that America seems to have become a deeply divided nation, with one group virulently hating the other. Viewpoints and ideologies seem to be entrenched, depending on where you live in the United States. The map of results for each election seem to reflect this, as […]

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Covid-19 and anti-viral supplements

In the first week of February this year, I posted a lot of blogs on the dangers of the coronavirus. These appeared on my old, short-lived website at My first article on the coronavirus was written on the 27th January. It was entitled The Wuhan Coronavirus – will it be a new Spanish Flu? I think it’s an interesting piece of personal history, so I’ve re-posted it on this site, its text unaltered. Hopefully, it can show that many people in Europe, even ordinary people, did understand the dangers […]

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Forks over Knives – documentary review

Forks over Knives is an American documentary film, available on It explores the effect of reducing the animal protein in a person’s diet. In particular, it shows the health benefits that such a change can give to a person. The documentary doesn’t push an ethical eating agenda. Instead, it explains that a diet that contains more than 10% animal protein carries a large increased risk in cancer. It gives a lot of clinical evidence to support that view. Here’s a useful link to another article making this case, […]

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