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The escalation of tactical nukes

I’ve been a supporter of CND for many years now. I recently gave them a poster to help their recent campaign. It’s not a big thing but every little bit helps. The following Pindex youtube video does a much better job of highlighting the dangers of nuclear war. Stephen Fry’s warm narration is weirdly at odds with the catastrophic dangers of the new generation of tactical nuclear warheads, but it works. The video combines the latest news on the nuclear-war issue, especially the development of tactical-nukes and hypersonic missiles, […]

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Spaceship Earth documentary – review

icon earthSpaceship Earth is a documentary about Biosphere 2, an experiment carried out in Arizona in which eight people lived inside a sealed bio-dome for two years. The documentary begins by explaining the origins of the group behind the Biosphere 2 project. They met in San Francisco in the late 1960’s and were a theatre group before they became involved in the environment. I was completely unaware of this before watching the documentary – I thought Biosphere 2 was set up by a scientific group – and so it […]

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OMG, our future is Logan’s Run!

Icon Earth RedOne fun thing to do, when you blog for years, is to look at an article that came out years ago and see how it stands up. Today, I’ve been looking back at an article written by George Monbiot in the Guardian, entitled, The 13 impossible crises that humanity now faces. George’s article is headed with a still from the film The Road, based on Cormac McCarthy’s brilliant but extremely depressing novel. The Road describes a post-collapse USA, freezing cold and inhabited by roving bands of violent cannibals. […]

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The dark trap of air-conditioning

At the moment, there is a very good audio programme on BBC Radio 4 from the series Costing the Earth. The episode is called Too Darn Hot and it focusses on air-conditioning. I definitely recommend it because it explores a massive problem in our modern world; the increasing alteration of our urban environment to fit in air-conditioning. As our planet warms up, it’s understandable that more people will want to use air-conditioning. The problem is that, in the last seventy-years, architects and construction companies have been creating buildings, worldwide, […]

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