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Sanxingdui gods – new discoveries

Icon pyramidOur ancient past is a lot odder than most people realise. I’ve written about strange facets of our ancient past in several articles on this site, including the Giza Pyramids, the Ark of the Covenant, as well as reviewing several books on the subject. At the moment,  I am especially recommending Freddy Silva’s books, as I’ve only recently discovered them and they’re excellent.

This blog post is about another ancient civilisation but one that few people know about. It wasn’t a large civilisation, like Egypt, Sumer or […]

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Paleopocalypse! 42,000 years ago

icon earthA new paper has appeared in the prestigious journal Science, entitled, A global environmental crisis 42,000 years ago, by Prof Chris Turney of the University of New South Wales and others. The authors explain, in the paper, that evidence from ancient kauri trees in New Zealand, and other evidence, indicates that Earth’s magnetic poles flipped 42,000 years ago and this caused devastating problems for our ancient forebears. The pole-flip has been known for a while – it’s called the Laschamps excursion – but this new paper explains in detail […]

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Dr LaViolette’s Nexus letter

Icon telescopeThe latest issue of Nexus magazine is out (Feb-Mar 2021). It includes a long letter from Dr Paul LaViolette, commenting on my article Gobekli Tepe, The Fox and Global Catastrophe, which was published in the magazine last year. An earlier version of that article is available here on my website. Dr LaViolette’s letter is long and very technical in parts. He explains some errors in my article, relating to his sub-quantum kinetics theory. For anyone who read my article and wants a definitive understanding of his theories, […]

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The Lost Art of Resurrection by Freddy Silva – book review

Icon pyramidThe Lost Art of Resurrection by Freddy Silva is about the ancient Mystery Schools of the Mediterranean and Near East. All of them had a very similar agenda and structure. Their purpose was to help people have a spiritual awakening. Not everyone could do this awakening. An initiate had to overcome fear, desire, avarice and other negative-spiritual feelings before they would even be allowed to experience the awakening, but once they did overcome these negative feelings, the opportunity was there. These people would be taken to a temple, in […]

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Artefact from the Great Pyramid dates to 3300 BCE

Icon pyramidSeveral pieces of cedar-wood, which were originally discovered in the Queen’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid by engineer Waynman Dixon inside the pyramid’s Queens Chamber in 1872, have been found again in Aberdeen University. The artefacts were brought back to Britain but were subsequently lost. Fortunately, they were discovered again, amongst the university’s huge collections, by Egyptian curatorial assistant Abeer Eladany. The small pieces were in a cigar box.

The fascinating thing about the cedar-wood pieces is that they have been carbon-dated. The date range is, ‘3341-3094BC – some 500 years […]

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Odd Radio Circles – Very Bad News

Icon telescopeA couple of months ago, an article of mine entitled Gobekli Tepe, The Fox and Global Catastrophe was published in Nexus magazine (Oct-Nov 2020 issue). A very similar copy of it is now on my website, entitled, The Gobekli Tepe prophecy. Since the publication of this article, I have received feedback from several readers on its conclusions. Several of them have made intelligent points. In particular, Peter made this comment:

“If energy-matter is being created or injected at the centre of our galaxy it is reasonable to assume that […]

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Eyes of the Gods

icon earthI recently reviewed The Missing Lands by Freddy Silva. The book explains evidence for an antediluvian civilisation, and the existence of other races that inhabited our planet during, and shortly after, the last ice-age. In his book, Silva describes in detail those other races that inhabited our planet, particularly the ones that helped human-kind after the Great Flood. These helper races, some of whom were genetically like us, and some of whom clearly weren’t, later became mythologised as gods. Perhaps, of all of them, the most interesting are […]

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Interesting video on the Giza Pyramids and Tesla

Here’s an interesting video from the Universe Inside You YouTube channel. It explores the possibility that the Great Pyramid functioned as an electromagnetic energy generator, in a similar way to Nikola Tesla’s Wardenclyff Tower. This idea naturally continues on from Christopher Dunn’s book, the Giza Power Plant, which I definitely recommend. The video shows how a concentration of Earth energy, combined with the structure and materials of the pyramid, could have produced an electromagnetic emission. I’ve explored his idea in a different way in my article Giza and the […]

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The Missing Lands by Freddy Silva – book review

The Missing Lands, by Freddy Silva, explores the idea that an advanced civilisation existed during our last ice-age. The people of this civilisation had mastered engineering, spiritual practices and other fields. Tragically, due the periodic catastrophes that decimate our planet, that civilisation was destroyed. Only a few of its members survived, men and women who then instructed and taught in the ways of civilisation.I bought this book with a mixture of hope – that it would contain new ideas and evidence – and trepidation – as many books on this […]

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I have an article in Nexus Magazine

I have an article in the latest issue of Nexus Magazine (Oct-Nov 2020). The article is entitled Göbekli Tepe, the Fox and Global Catastrophe. The article explains that the Fox symbol, carved into the pillars in the Göbekli Tepe site, is a warning of future disaster. It draws upon the latest research at the Göbekli Tepe site, which is mentioned in my recent post on the Think Anomalous video. The article also draws upon my article describing evidence for an active ether, which Nikola Tesla and other brilliant minds believed […]

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