Paleopocalypse! 42,000 years ago

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icon earthA new paper has appeared in the prestigious journal Science, entitled, A global environmental crisis 42,000 years ago, by Prof Chris Turney of the University of New South Wales and others. The authors explain, in the paper, that evidence from ancient kauri trees in New Zealand, and other evidence, indicates that Earth’s magnetic poles flipped 42,000 years ago and this caused devastating problems for our ancient forebears. The pole-flip has been known for a while – it’s called the Laschamps excursion – but this new paper explains in detail […]

Phenomena – Annie Jacobsen – book review

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Icon aura headI’ve been interesting in psi phenomena for a long time. I’ve been particularly interested in remote viewing, as it has no occult connections and is simply a way for our minds to perceive remote locations. I’ve tried remote viewing myself, with interesting results. I also recently reviewed a remote viewing documentary. I was therefore keen to read Annie Jacobsen’s book Phenomena, which recounts the remote viewing programmes created in the 1970’s in the United States by the U.S. Military and the CIA, and how they progressed for the next […]

Popular isn’t the same as True

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icon earthRecently, I reviewed a YouTube documentary entitled The Unknowns: Mystifying UFO cases, created by Lemmino, the channel name of a ‘twenty-something Swede’, as he calls himself. The video was about famous UFO sightings. I do recommend it, as I think it is well-made, and balanced in its tone and content. I later watched another Lemmino video, The Vanishing of Flight 370. This video documentary is about the MH370 mystery; the missing Boeing 777 passenger airliner that disappeared shortly after leaving Kuala Lumpur airport around midnight on the night […]

Lemmino UFO video

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Lemmino is a twenty-something Swedish guy who makes high-quality YouTube videos on a variety of subjects. Sometimes, his videos are about a mystery of some kind, which he endeavours to solve during the video. For example, he did an excellent job of coming up with an explanation for the Dyatlov Pass mystery, in which a group of young Russians died in mysterious circumstances in a remote part of the wilderness.

Lemmino’s narration is always dry, rational and intelligent. He explains his subject very well. He never seems to drift […]

Vitamin C can save lives

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Icon moleculeLast year, Chris Martenson published a lot of YouTube videos about the coronavirus pandemic, from his channel at Peak Prosperity. I think he did a brilliant job of explaining the available science on the disease. He has a PhD in Pathology, so he understands what’s involved. He also did a great job of supplying scientifically accurate information that our governments and the pharmaceutical industry didn’t seem so keen on publicising, especially about medicines that were out of patent, and so weren’t going to be a goldmine for any corporation.

Chris’s […]

Remote viewing documentary

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Icon aura headRemote viewing is a fascinating subject. It’s supposed to be impossible but, as I explain in my book Solving Reality, our minds create reality and so remote viewing is a logical inevitability. Since our minds create reality, our minds are naturally capable of perceiving any place in reality. Nice! The minds-create-reality idea isn’t just my own. It was developed by many brilliant Nobel Prize winners, and a few other geniuses, so there’s no need to just take my word for it. For a full description, check out […]

Dr LaViolette’s Nexus letter

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Icon telescopeThe latest issue of Nexus magazine is out (Feb-Mar 2021). It includes a long letter from Dr Paul LaViolette, commenting on my article Gobekli Tepe, The Fox and Global Catastrophe, which was published in the magazine last year. An earlier version of that article is available here on my website. Dr LaViolette’s letter is long and very technical in parts. He explains some errors in my article, relating to his sub-quantum kinetics theory. For anyone who read my article and wants a definitive understanding of his theories, […]

Ray Bradbury on writing rejections

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Icon alienRay Bradbury’s a great science-fiction writer. He also comes across as a lovely guy. Here’s a quote from him on the subject of getting rejections. It’s succinct, personal and very encouraging:

The amazing Blackstone came to town when I was seven, and I saw how he came alive onstage and thought, God, I want to grow up to be like that! And I ran up to help him vanish an elephant. To this day I don’t know where the elephant went. One moment it was there, the next — abracadabra […]

Blank on Blank – Aldous Huxley

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My last blog post, Totalitarian Creep, warned that here in the UK, (in January 2021), our government and our Labour Party leadership are heading down a dark path that will eventually end in totalitarian control. Whenever I write articles that warn of dire things, or point out that dark things are going on, I feel concerned that I’m being too negative. In truth, this feeling doesn’t last very long. I usually discover another new event, fact or insight, that only increases my concerns.

Writers in the past have also talk […]

Totalitarian creep

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Many years ago, Clive Stafford-Smith, the human-rights lawyer, told a story about one of his clients who had been incarcerated in Guantanamo Bay. The prisoner concerned had been an Afghan student in Pakistan. The Pakistan secret service were being paid a large bounty, at that time, by the Pentagon for every terrorist they could capture. The temptation of such money was too strong and, allegedly some of the Pakistani secret service were simply grabbing any foreigners who looked vaguely terrorist-like. Stafford-Smith’s client ended up being one of them. He was […]

The escalation of tactical nukes

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I’ve been a supporter of CND for many years now. I recently gave them a poster to help their recent campaign. It’s not a big thing but every little bit helps. The following Pindex youtube video does a much better job of highlighting the dangers of nuclear war. Stephen Fry’s warm narration is weirdly at odds with the catastrophic dangers of the new generation of tactical nuclear warheads, but it works. The video combines the latest news on the nuclear-war issue, especially the development of tactical-nukes and hypersonic missiles, […]

Anti-gravity technology – documentary

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On this website, I talk a lot about the problems with orthodox science. Primarily, I talk about our scientific establishment’s irrational belief in a purely physical, closed universe. This is impossible according to science’s own rule that entropy causes all physical things to fall apart. If our universe is closed and only physical, nothing can get organised, due to entropy, so all life is impossible. Oops. For more on that, please read the first chapter of my book Solving Reality.

I also think that there is a good case that a […]

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