Greetings and welcome to my website. I’m Adrian Ellis and I write and illustrate imaginative comedies and non-fiction articles & books. My non-fiction work covers ancient history, physics, psychology and society. I try my best to ground all of my non-fiction in scientific facts and logic. This can produce some unconventional results but that’s okay. As Bertrand Russell once said, ‘do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.’ On the plus side, my ideas are also often in line with the findings of Nobel Prize winners, so they can’t be that daft! 😉

icon robot telebotBlog: For my latest news, reviews and short comments, please check out my blog. It’ll include book reviews, news items and any fun miscellanea that I can think up. I’ll try to balance the serious articles with some fun content, so that everyone doesn’t get too depressed or alternatively, criticises me for ignoring important issues!

Science and Nature: As far as I can work out, the official, scientific view of our universe is wrong. It’s not just me who’s concluded this, many Nobel Prize winning physicists have also came the same conclusion. The current, official, orthodox view is wrong mostly because our scientific establishment insists that only physical things exist. This is known as Scientific Materialism or Physicalism and it’s impossible. A purely physical universe would have no order, since entropy makes all physical things more disorganised over time. Clearly, our universe has a lot of order. Life, for example, is extremely ordered. What’s more, Life increases order in the universe all the time by growing and reproducing. The only way to explain this blatant paradox is to conclude that a non-physical, intelligent, ordering influence must be acting on reality. In my book Solving Reality, a.k.a. According to Science, Everything is Impossible, I explore this idea by examining key thought-experiments and ideas from brilliant scientists such as James Clerk Maxwell, John Von Neumann, Max Planck, Werner Heisenberg, Eugene Wigner, Aristotle and others. I’ll be publishing it soon, so stay tuned for updates.

Mind and Society: I think that we, as a species, have enormous potential, far more than most of us realise. At the same time, unfortunately, we also have our flaws, weaknesses and basic nature, as shown in twelve famous psychology experiments. I’ll explore both issues in these articles and delve into psychology, society, happiness, belief, delusion and related topics. I’ll be focussing on the hierarchies of power and how our mentality is decided; in other words, who decides what is officially regarded as true and real. I’ll also be focussing on how we can be manipulated, particularly with the latest technology.

Health: Our Western health establishment is a very impressive institution, both in its medical understanding, and its technological resources. Unfortunately, it suffers from two key problems. Firstly, it is influenced by pharmaceutical corporations, who prefer us to be ill all the time, as that makes them the most profits. Secondly, our scientific establishment states that only physical things exist. These two issues combined are making many of us chronically ill. My health articles, such as fevers and cancers, will try to redress this problem by exploring key issues and finding solutions.

Ancient Mysteries: I’ve been fascinated with our ancient past for my entire life. In recent years, after studying it at length, I discovered that what actually occurred doesn’t match our official descriptions. There is a lot of evidence that our ancient forebears knew far more than we’ve been led to believe. To start delving into this area, I recommend Fiery Sirius. One of my articles about this subject has been published in the October-November 2020 edition of Nexus Magazine. It is entitled Gobekli Tepe, the Fox and Global Catastrophe. It connects Nikola Tesla, the luminiferous aether, Albert Mickelson, the Sphinx, Mesopotamian legend and Sagittarius A* and comes up with a conclusion that is both fascinating and scary.

Weird: Most of the articles on this website will explore ideas and theories that I’ve backed up with scientific research. They might appear strange but they’re actually as solid as our established theories, sometimes more so… but there’ll also be articles about ideas and topics for which I don’t have scientific support. I’ll still put them up because they’re so darned fascinating, such as Stranger Things and the Montauk Project.

Legacy: For anyone that is wondering why I’m no longer running my old website,, I lost control of it. One day, years ago, I realised that someone was hacking in and deliberately breaking its links and altering its text. I checked the site data. I found that the IP number associated with my domain name had been changed from one administered by my web-hosting company to an IP number owned by an American cyber-defence contractor; I checked my data with a unix administrator friend of mine and he confirmed my findings. I have no clear idea why this happened but I was unable to get any explanation from my web hosting provider. I therefore changed my web-hosting provider and create a new site with a new domain name. Fortunately, I still have all the articles from the old site. At the last check, the old domain is still not available to buy. If you click on it, you get nothing but a ‘non-authorised’ message. Very strange. We live in a challenging world.