My new popular science book, Solving Reality, is now available to buy from Amazon and other retailers.The ISBN number for the white paper version is 979-8-7458-1735-9 and the cream paper is 979-8-7379-0999-4. I was going to only publish one version but Amazon was being odd, so I’ve made two versions available. Here’s the book back-cover blurb:

In the 1930s, a group of Nobel Prize winning physicists discovered something astonishing: reality couldn’t be purely physical. Influencing minds must exist in order for reality to appear out of the quantum realm.

Solving Reality explores these scientists’ insight. It shows a crucial fact: if things were only physical, then there would be no order in the universe. In a purely physical universe, there would be no life. We also get to see that the Big Bang is quadruply impossible, chicks have telekinetic powers and that you’ll do better in exams if you study them after you take them.

There’s also fun illustrations, including one of Dr Samuel Johnson, naked, in a virtual-reality pod, just to keep things interesting. 
The universe is weird; it just looks normal.

More info on the book, including its first chapter, is available on the Solving Reality page on this website. P.S: The Look Inside feature on Amazon doesn’t render the illustrations very well, as they’re vector-based, but they’re fine in the purchased copies. 

Icon meHello. I’m Adrian Ellis. I write fiction and non-fiction on various topics. In my fiction, I do my best to be funny and imaginative. My non-fiction is different. After years of research, I’ve discovered that many aspects of the official description of ourselves, reality and the universe seems to be deeply flawed, to the point of being grossly false. To counteract this problem, I’ve written articles explaining what I’ve found. My new non-fiction book, Solving Reality, follows this approach.

Icon pyramidLatest Project: Hot on the heels of Solving Reality, I’m working on an ancient mysteries, non-fiction book entitled Ancient Secrets, Future Peril. The book will draw upon articles I’ve already written on a variety of connected topics, such as the Great Pyramid, the Great Flood, Greek Myths, super-shamen, ghosts, cyclic catastrophes, coded stories, blood sacrifice and the Bronze Age Collapse. The ‘future Peril’ aspect of the book is to do with evidence, I discovered, warning of a future, catastrophic collapse of civilisation. It would be a disaster in the true sense, as the word literally means ‘evil star’. It’s the same evidence that I used in my Nexus magazine article

icon robot telebotNote about correspondence: In a recent email discussion, Dr Paul LaViolette notified me that one of his emails to me bounced. I’ve no idea why this happened; it’s very odd. If anyone tries to contact me and does not receive at least a first reply, then it’s because I never saw their email. If more occurs with this issue, I’ll post it here.

icon earthLegacy: For anyone that is wondering why I’m no longer running my old website,, I lost control of it. About five years ago, I noticed it was behaving oddly. I checked the site data and found that its IP number had been changed, from one administered by my web-hosting company to an IP number owned by an American cyber-defence contractor; I checked my data with a unix administrator friend of mine and he confirmed my findings. I have no clear idea why this happened but I was unable to get any explanation from my web hosting provider. I therefore changed my web-hosting provider and create a new site with a new domain name. Fortunately, I still have all the articles from the old site. At the last check, the old domain is still not available to buy. If you click on it, you get nothing but a ‘non-authorised’ message. Very strange.